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What is Qlockwork?

Qlockwork shows you how your time is spent by automatically tracking how long you spend on different activities. It's an Outlook plug-in, so if you're familiar with Outlook you'll be right at home with Qlockwork.

Qlockwork versions
  • Qlockwork gives you everything you need to track and report your billable time, and associate activities with different projects.
  • Qlockwork Pro adds more flexibility and extra features.
  • Qlockwork Team gives you group features including shared project lists.
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PC time tracking without timers

Qlockwork automatically logs activities to your Outlook calendar

Qlockwork talks directly to your computer, keyboard and mouse to find out what applications you are using and where you are directing your attention. It knows when you are working and when you are taking a break.

  • No timers
    Qlockwork tracks PC time automatically. There's nothing to remember.
  • Track everything
    See how much time you spend on emails, documents, spreadsheets, websites, presentations - and everything else. Qlockwork can track every application you run on your PC.
  • Assure privacy
    With Qlockwork Pro, exclude private activities from public reports.

Assign activities to your projects

Assign activities to different projects

Qlockwork helps you categorize your work by project or customer.

  • Automatic assignment
    Set up simple rules to automatically assign your activities.
  • Complete control
    You can also assign activities to projects by hand in seconds.
  • Assign projects to Outlook meetings
    With Qlockwork Pro you can assign your projects to standard Outlook calendar meetings manually or using rules.
  • Team projects
    With Qlockwork Team you can create group projects to share with everyone or just the project team.

Report on how business time is used

Easy-to-read time reports
  • Use your business time effectively
    Find out how time is really being spent.
  • Invoice accurately
    Qlockwork automatically tracks how every 5 minutes of your time is spent. Completing timesheets and invoices becomes much easier.
  • Spot revenue-generating customers and activities
    Reports show you how much time you spend on different projects and customers.
  • Improve time management
    Identify how to use PC time effectively.
  • Track time in meetings
    With Qlockwork Pro, find out how meeting time adds up on your projects.

Get a complete picture of all your activities

Qlockwork Pro can include scheduled meetings in your time report.

Qlockwork automatically tracks everything you do on your PC, and you can add extra tasks into the Qlockwork calendar manually.

  • Meetings and planned phone calls
    are included and can be tracked against the appropriate project.
  • Add activities manually
    simply by adding them into your calendar.

With Qlockwork Pro, you can automatically include appointments from your main Outlook calendar in your time reports and report on upcoming meetings.

Regular, automatic time reports

Qlockwork lets you schedule regular, automatic time reports

In Qlockwork Pro, you can schedule time reports to be automatically generated and emailed on a regular basis.

  • Reports when you need them
    Set a schedule to generate time reports daily or weekly whenever you need them.
  • Email reports
    Time reports arrive regularly in your inbox - or your manager's.

Get the level of accuracy you need

Set the granularity to which your time is tracked

While Qlockwork tracks your activities every 5 minutes, Qlockwork Pro gives you the option to track your time down to 2, 5, 6 or 10 minute segments.

  • Ideal for professionals
    such as lawyers and accountants who need to report their client time to a specific granularity.

Why Qlockwork?

To find out how Qlockwork can show you where your time is going, try the free 10-day trial.

Free time tracking software download

Or download our product fact sheet.

  • Quick
    Start tracking your work in less than 5 minutes. Qlockwork installs with just a few clicks.
  • Easy
    Your Qlockwork calendar works just like your Outlook calendar. You don't need to learn any new software.
  • Secure
    Your tracking data is as secure as your email - it's all managed by your own email system.
  • Confidential
    Your data never leaves your business.
  • Safe
    Your data will be backed up by Outlook or Exchange the same way your email and Outlook appointments are. You don't have to do anything new.