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What our business users say

I was impressed with the way the system records everything you do: emails you have sent, sites you have visited, spreadsheets you have been working on. When I work I often have many windows open; I was surprised how well the system can handle my activities across the windows.” - Mahad Mohamed, UK

I love your product. It's a perfect backup for me in checking my time for billing purposes” - Marc, USA

I've been using Qlockwork for 3 years and it gets the job done. I'd recommend it” - Neil, Software Consultant, UK

Your responsiveness on customer issues is above imagination. Awesome!” - Igor, USA

A great app - I even bought this for my attorney as a gift!” - Gary, USA

It made my days much more productive” - Sabrina, Software Support Reich, Switzerland

I bought Qlockwork maybe two years ago. I rely heavily on it to keep track of where my time goes, I think its fantastic and I recommend it to anyone I meet who needs to keep track of time and do billable time entry.” - Mike Woodd, USA

I love it.” - Susan Airey, scitorque.com

IMO, it addresses one of the most glaring holes in technology today--a good, easy, behind the scenes tracking and time management tool. ” - Kip Gregory - USA

We LOVE qlockwork. Most of our 8-person firm uses it to track time when we're in the office - we're consultants, so working on a dozen projects a week, and Qlockwork has been great for that. I think now that you've extended the internal log to go past our monthly bookkeeping it's been great.” - Ben Peoples, The Shalleck Collaborative

The program works great! No complaints.” - Ciao Luu, USA

It installed quickly and painlessly. It has all of the features that I was looking for and I am very pleased with the program” - Paul, Florida

Your product is a welcome addition since the deprecation of MS Office Journal.” - Jim P, Colorado

Case study - Winckworth Sherwood

Winckworth Sherwood is a British law firm founded in London in 1777 with around 170 staff and just over 40 partners. The firm is based in London Bridge having moved in 2009 after 200 yrs in Westminster.

Many of their present client relationships have their roots in relationships forged well over a century ago; a testament to their ability to evolve with their clients. Their solicitors and parliamentary agents are at the forefront of the private and public sector interface.

Winckworth Sherwood rolled out Qlockwork across their firm in 2007 and have been running it since. Qlockwork gives their legal teams the ability to review how their time was spent and provides a means of tracking back activities particularly for fee earners who do not tend to record time immediately or as soon as they can.

Winckworth Sherwood have implemented a tool in Outlook that allows them to click on a Qlockwork entry and automatically calculate the time spent in units and create a new record within their time and billing system .

Case study - Sweetwater Investments

Sweetwater Investments of Redmond, WA, have been using Qlockwork for over four years. Dennis Gibb, who owns and runs Sweetwater says:

Our firm is engaged in the management of individual investment assets and also as a consultant for individuals and organizations who ask us to find, hire and monitor investment managers.

The firm's revenues come from fees for management and from hourly changes. We have been presented with three challenges:

  • To accurately measure the time devoted to various clients.
  • To demonstrate to clients when and how we were working for their benefit. This forms the cornerstone of ongoing and renewal compensation discussions.
  • To track the efficient use of the time of our team members.
We searched for some time to find an package that would solve all the above problems but were constantly presented with elaborate systems designed for law firms and other large organizations which we found to be cumbersome and very expensive both in dollars and in anticipated IT time. After a long search we discovered Qlockwork and it has made all the difference.

Armed with Qlockwork we were able to launch a new compensation arrangement that had been stalled by our inability to accurately track time. Now we can charge a retainer fee and track our time accurately so we can determine if we need to reset the retainer at our annual reviews. Thanks to Qlockwork we can demonstrate in a commonly used format (Outlook) the time we devoted to the account.

Qlockwork has been a major contributor to our increased profitability, efficiency and ability to more accurately understand the true cost of operating our business.

More case studies

Caterina Carola, UK Web Consultant

Reviews - Richard Maybury

If good time tracking, recording and time management are a priority for you in your overall workload management approach, then you may be interested in this tool especially if you use Microsoft Outlook. The fully featured free trial records exactly how you spend your time at your computer, which could help you with billing clients or just be a revelation in itself! ” - Richard Maybury is a British time management consultant who specialises in Outlook, read the full Qlockwork review

Reviews - Softpedia

Qlockwork works great and is a great asset in an office environment. It gives you a detailed perspective over a days work allowing you to view all activities you have taken on at the office. Also, it can work as aid to improve your efficiency by pinpointing the tasks that change your focus from more important things. ” - Softpedia, read the full Softpedia Qlockwork review

What coaches say

As a business coach, I find that productivity and effectiveness are among the top goals of every client I work with. I highly recommend Qlockwork as an indispensable tool in improving your time management – a critical component in getting a handle on how you spend your time and then making appropriate changes.

Anne Alexander, Business Coach, USA, Authentic Alternatives

As a leading UK time management training company, we have considerable experience helping business people to use their time more effectively. We see Qlockwork as a valuable tool in understanding time and making better use of it.

John Routledge, Managing Director, UK, R2 Training

Time management is one of the top 3 challenges most business owners and directors have. Most are lost in a maelstrom of wasted time and effort and need a lifeline to help them get control of their own time. Time is one of THE most valuable assets we have – a resource not to be wasted. I highly recommend Qlockwork as a key insightful tool that will definitely improve anyone's use of their precious time and therefore help speed change and growth. What would you do if you had more free time? Take advantage of Qlockwork to unlock your time!

Dr Richard Norris MBA, Business Coach, Scotland